Mulan Jamela Melahirkan Anak Ke 3

Mulan Jameela birth in Pondok Indah Hospital on Saturday (26/02/11). Mulan Jameela gave birth to her third child on at 01.00 pm. Until now Mulan Jameela still in the hospital for treatment. That's the latest news gossip artist today. pancalok.blogspot.

Mulan Jameela long digosipi pregnant from the relationship with Ahmad Dhani. This time the rumor even been given birth. Although the news has been no official statement from the parties involved, but the gossip Mulan Jameela birth already widely discussed.

From the observation detikhot at the residence located in the region Mulan Pinang Mas, Pondok Indah, on Saturday (26/02/2011) afternoon, the house is quiet. An Alphard car with license plate number B 8999 IG entered the garage of the house. From inside the car seems a pair of men's and women's old age is a parent suspected of Mulan. Assistant Mulan was accompanying them. Meanwhile, Mulan's residence as there are no occupants.

Since the issue of pregnancy Mulan outbreak, the widow of two children was often wearing a black headscarf and veil. Some time ago Mulan was spotted shopping in Singapore, accompanied by Ahmad Dhani.

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